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Patch : Reinhardt, MCCree, Chopper King's Row et Usine Volskaya

Le 13 avril 2016 à 11:03, par

Un nouveau patch vient d'être déployé pour la bêta d'Overwatch. Un équilibrage a été appliqué sur les héros Reinhardt, MCCree et Chopper. Côté maps, le temps requis pour capturer les objectifs a été augmenté pour l'Usine Volskaya et King's Row.

Blizzard Posté par Blizzard (Source)

Overwatch Beta Patch Notes – April 12, 2016


Competitive Play

  • Players in Heroic can now be matched into a Competitive Play game with non-Heroic players, but only after waiting in queue for a moderate period of time


  • Implemented several CPU efficiency improvements for CPUs that do not support hyper-threading


Volskaya Industries

  • Increased time required to capture both objectives

King's Row

  • Increased time required to capture the first objective



  • Grenade Flash
    • Stun duration increased by 0.2 seconds
    • Recovery time (i.e. the time before McCree can shoot again) increased by 0.2 seconds

Developer Comments: This change should help McCree better orient to his targets after stunning them with Flashbang, and give his teammates more opportunities to capitalize on its use.


  • Choc Sismique
    • Reinhardt no longer gains Ultimate charge from using Earthshatter

Developer comments: This is general rule we have in place that prevents heroes from generating Ultimate charge when using their Ultimate, but Reinhardt was previously overlooked.


  • Traquelard
    • Now pulls smaller targets closer than larger targets
  • Équarisseur
    • Decreased the movement speed penalty

    Developer comments: The change to Chain Hook should enable Roadhog to more reliably kill smaller heroes after a successful pull. Since Roadhog’s primary fire has such a wide spread, this allowed smaller heroes to avoid the majority of incoming damage from Roadhog after they were hooked. For Whole Hog, we feel the movement change helps the ability be more flexible while also making it less dangerous for Roadhog to use.



    • Fixed an issue that caused respawning players to face in the direction of the Kill Cam feed
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to respawn twice
    • Fixed an issue with Competitive Play that would cause the game to start before all slots on both teams were filled
    • Fixed an issue where the End of Match would only show the Victory Lineup
    • Fixed an issue with the sizing of sprays on specific surfaces in Route 66

    User Interface

    • Fixed an issue where Custom Reticle could not be reset to default
    • Fixed an issue where Custom Reticle was not persisting
    • Fixed an issue that caused chat to scroll
    • Fixed an issue where hero-specific bindings would reset after round transition on a Control map
    • Fixed where selecting ALT + Z on the Highlights menu would display a black screen

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