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Nouveau patch : map Hanamura, équilibrage McCree et Zenyatta

Le 22 avril 2016 à 11:21, par

Un tout nouveau patch a été déployé sur les serveurs de la bêta d'Overwatch. Nous retrouvons la map Hanamura, désactivée pendant quelques jours afin de régler un bug concernant les portes de la pièce de réapparition de votre héros.

De plus, un équilibrage a été appliqué pour les héros MCCree et Zenyatta. Vous pouvez retrouver tous ces changement désormais dans le patch notes officiel.

Blizzard Posté par Blizzard (Source)

Overwatch Beta Patch Notes – April 21, 2016



  • The map has been put back into rotation. The issues affecting spawn room doors have been resolved



  • Alternate fire recovery time (i.e. the time before McCree can shoot again) increased from 0.3 seconds to 0.75 seconds

Developer Comments: McCree’s alternate fire is intended to be more situational, but often players were using it as his primary way to deal damage. This change makes it weaker to use repeatedly, while maintaining its power as a finisher and as part of his roll combos.


  • Harmony Orb
    • Healing increased from 25 to 30 per second

Developer Comments: Now that Zenyatta’s orbs are more restricted, we felt there was room to increase their healing output to help him in his support role.


  • Fixed an issue on Route 66 where the payload automatically advanced about 8 meters after the large doors opened without players of the attacking team being near it

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