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Une série de correctifs déployée sur la bêta

Le 4 novembre 2015 à 11:01, par

Une toute nouvelle série de correctifs a été déployée cette nuit sur la bêta d'Overwatch. Il s'agit principalement de bugs liés aux objets du jeu ou aux emplacements. Vous retrouverez aussi des modifications concernant le client Battle.net.

Blizzard Posté par Blizzard (Source)

Overwatch Beta Patch Notes – November 3, 2015


  • Updated several in-game locations and objects to prevent players from being able to reach, stand, and/or get stuck on them
  • Updated several in-game objects so that Faucheur can no longer Teleport through or into them unexpectedly
  • The "invalid hardware or driver detected" window can now be bypassed
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Muted Microphone UI element to disappear whenever the Channels menu was open
  • Fixed several reliability issues with Voice Chat
  • Fixed several client- and server-side crashes

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