The game is not bad, but it plays in a good way for itself

Parce qu'il n'y a pas qu'Overwatch dans la vie !

Hi everybody. I am Gamesbx
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Video games have both benefits and drawbacks. It has a number of advantages including entertainment, improving your speed and thinking as well as reflexes with different situations. People often play video games when they are bored or stressed, like playing funny games like Lien externe non autorisé, helping to improve the ability to face difficulties and solve problems. Some games even require a smart brain to solve puzzles. However, it also has some disadvantages. First, video games can be addictive for players, causing them to lose time and energy. Sometimes players play so much that they are obsessed with the game and thus reduce their ability to concentrate. In addition, there are many games that contain violence and crimes, seriously affecting the player. Recently, there have been many criminals, who were affected by violent games, causing terrible crimes. That's why parents always prevent their children from playing video games despite the fact that they also have certain benefits. In short, I think people should control themselves and their children when playing video games.
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