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The Wiccan healing spell is here, yes exactly here! If you have been searching and wondering where you will find the right spell for any disease in your life, then you are at exactly the right spot. What are you suffering from?

The number of physical diseases that can be cured magically using Wiccan healing spell are endless. But you should know that magic is almost at all times brought in when modern medicine has failed to bring relief.

This is because people have almost lost faith in the healing powers of Wiccan magic. This is due to the event of incurable diseases and increase in the quantity of drugs on the drug market in the whole world.

With this knowledge firmly established in the minds of people, we have almost forgotten the background of most of the drugs on the market.

These drugs are manufactured from herbal plants that have been in existence since the beginning of time and have been in utilization in magic since time immemorial.

Due to the divergence of people from traditional beliefs and belief in the supernatural healing powers, these herbs have come to only be accepted when they are remodeled and processed as tablets and others in liquid form.

However in doing this, we forget that the true earth, air, and water potency of the herbs is diluted. What finally comes back to us who happen to be the tree/herbs growers is a duplicate of the true healing medicine.

This explains why most of the drugs today are given in big dozes— which, after a long time of administering, still bring no observable positive effect on those that they are supposed to heal.

The good and beauty of the Wiccan healing spell is that it centers most of it's healing energies in the earth element.

This gives the magical practitioners in Wicca enough confidence when dealing with the Wiccan magic, most especially in the healing section.

How Wiccan Magical Healing Works
Wicca attaches a lot of significance to nature as it comes to us. Most of the power that flows within Wiccan healing spells is centered in the four elements (you can add five) elements as they appear in nature, that is,— air, fire, water, earth, and soul.

The magic is universally centered and works closely with these ever present elemental forces. These forces bring out the best in any tradition that you will come across.

When dealing with Wicca magic, I only ask you to be very confident and sure that whatever spell and ritual you set out to cast or perform respectively, will bear the desired fruits.

Wicca is a natural religion, this is why most people sometimes refer to it as earth worship! This confuses most adherents to the belief as they mistake Wicca for the worship of the earth, which is somehow misleading.

The worship of the earth may be an integrated aspect in the Wiccan beliefs but it is not what Wicca is all about. And it would be wrong and a grave mistake to perceive it so.

As we continue we shall see the importance of the earth in the casting of Wiccan healing spells and what it's successful implications are.

Wicca as a healing religious belief works in approximately two ways on two levels and that is on the spiritual and physical healing levels.

The spiritual level: since healing at the physical level has been adamantly and ignorantly taken over by modern medicine, Wicca brings the alternative form of healing which is spiritual healing.

But you will ask yourself what the benefits of spiritual healing are to someone who requires physical magical healing?

Before someone thinks of healing the body, he or she has to remember that the soul or spirit is the driving force behind any form of healing.

Many times people suffer psychologically before they even suffer physically. You can bring a disease upon yourself if your conscience takes on the belief that the said disease does exist in your body. No amount of physical and biological testing will prove to you otherwise.

The only way you can regain assurance that you are free from your conscience driven disease is through a Wiccan magical ritual.

The powers of the spell dispels doubt and issues in spiritual healing at a totally different higher level. The spirit is of great essence in the Wiccan tradition, and this is most especially the spirit that exhibits in nature.

Every living soul according to Wicca, has enough spiritual energy required to bring about any form of change in the life of that person.

Thus it remains the sole role of the person to open up his spirituality and he or she will be in a position to receive healing on the highest magical levels.

Healing deities in Wicca:
Wicca has only two deities, that is the horned God, and the mother goddess. Those are the two deities whose roles as seen by their genders, are fixed.

Many times, practitioners invoke the mother goddess when dealing in healing magic and the reason for this is;-

The mother goddess who is also known as the Moon goddess, is also the earth goddess. The deity who manifests mostly in the earth element al force.

She is believed to give plants their hue and to breathe into leaves the healing air of power.

Her position near the moon gives her transcendence when it comes to the pursuit of higher purpose healing magic in Wicca.

The moon goddess also called the earth goddess brings true healing to all those who call upon her name and all kinds of mailings find redemption at her altar.

The Wiccan healing spell is a combination of the power of deities and usage of natural herbs (we have seen that Wicca is more of a nature religion).

It is therefore important to know the exact herbs that are required for each kind of healing spell or ritual and their placement at the altar head during and in the progress of the spells and rituals.

Before we continue there is a slight misconception that I would want to clear here and now. Many people have divided the Wicca beliefs along deity gender and sex lines.

Many believe that due to the domination of most Wiccan magic by the moon goddess, Wicca thus becomes a feminine religion belief. They thus attach values and teachings of Wicca with an inherent bias that is likely to be disastrous.

Other sections that disregard the female presence in Wiccan belief, base more of their faith in the horned God, who is the male counterpart of the mother goddess.

Though placing trust and belief in any given religious deity has no punishable consequences, totally disregarding the presence of an original and foundation deity of a given belief is dangerous in its own way.

The moon or mother goddess in Wicca is more revered. This is simply because most of the spells and rituals that the Wicca adherents engage in, are of the more gentle nature. These include love spells, healing spells, affection spells, good luck spells, among others.

The people believe that the mother goddess may be more inclined to work closely with them in the casting of these kind of spells compared to the horned god.

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