Confinement of the unvaccinated and symptoms contained

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15 Nov 2021, 10:42
Confinement des non-vaccinee

There are many trials as far as covid 19 is concerned. The easiest solution is a vaccination card or a vaccination passport, or a sanitary pass. All these documents are approved by the european concellium which permits every citizen to decide on the fate of their covid situation.

With this pass, you can travel and move without restriction. You can directly refer to the ministery of health or the closest health department in your locality to obtain such a pass.

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Violence in the streets cannot resolve crises especially when it is against governmental decisions. Obtain your vaccination ceritficate even without being vaccinated and avoid any blockage at the airport or when driving at odd hours.

A small action is worth saving lives. Women are the first to go for such documents. This is because they are the mothers and are the morality of the society. This passport plays an important role despite several debates on the subject. Many citizens return easily to their normal life and old manners within their immidiate community.

We invite everyone to participate in this element of change and obtain their documents both in the plan of health as well as displacement and be an influence by vaccination. This is a crutial phase of dealing personally with the sanitary conditions which has been distorting the daily advancement.

More than 300 000 people out of 7 million have lost their lives because of ignorance. When you have such a pass, you become a priority in every emergency situation because the card already gives you the protection against the unvaccinated. Either vaccinated or not, you need the passport as a means of negotiation, because any acredited medical authority can sign and testify that you have received a therapy to prevent covid . This can be done in case of emergency.

Edible Vaccin Against COVID-19

Science has discovered that there are several vaccines against covid but what citizens fear is maybe the needle. We have discovered in science that there are several moleucles in the environment that has contributed to the elimination of covid-19 . Vaccines in the form of food and nutriments are already being developed. This means you will soon be having ingredients you can add in your food to fight against the virus and contain the virus. This can also be conditioned in the form of fruit juice or drinkables. The process is still under laboratory analysis. And even if it cannot heal covid, it can still prevent several infections.

Make sure you have your masks on if you are not vaccinated or if you do not have documents that prooves.

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